This is the book that you literally can’t live without!

The Civil Defense Manual is the definitive guide to preparedness and civil defense for homes and neighborhoods. The two volume set (not sold individually) is over 950 pages of detailed information that you can use to protect and provide for your home, family and neighborhood against any type of catastrophe, whether environmental, social unrest (such as rioting and looting), and how to survive a pandemic.

A key topic used throughout the book is how to begin setting up your own CDM Neighborhood Protection Plan™. There is great strength in numbers, and the best way to survive is to have a well-organized plan in place. This could be just your immediate family, but an NPP is even more effective when worked out properly with your neighbors. With an NPP in place you and your neighborhood can leverage the strengths and resources that each might bring to the table, such as military experience, medical knowledge, fire-arms, food cultivation and preparation, or specific scientific needs.

All topics necessary for organizing your NPP, being well-prepared and surviving short and long term catastrophic events are fully covered, written by experts in each field.

Both volumes include numerous diagrams, images, illustrations and supplemental resource forms.

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Maximum order of 8 two volume sets. For larger orders please contact us.

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